PHASE I (year 1 to 4)

  • Build 1440 residential units, 190 shops and 201 workshops in AL-Maramel (M1).
  • Build 860 residential units, 100 shops in Raml~Al~Aali (RA1).
  • Build 810 residential units and 123 shops and 108 workshops in Sabra~Chatila (SA1).
  • Build 343 shops in the Ouzai Commercial Center (O6).
  • Upgrade infrastructure in Bir Hassan, Golf Club, Hay Al~Zahra (HA2 and HZ3), Jnah (H7) and Sabra~Chatila (SA10).
  • Construct the road linking Chatila Roundabout to East of Sports City Road.
  • Complete the existing Ouzai Road from Sultan Ibrahim junction to Beirut International Airport boundary.

Phase I Implementation (First Three Years)

Maramel I : Housing - shops - Workshops.

Sabra I : Housing - shops - Workshops.

Ouzai : Ouzai Commercial Center.

Raml - Al - Aali : Housing - shops.

Infrastructure : New Infrastructure in above mentioned projects areas and infrastructure upgrade in parts of Bir Hassan, Hay El Zahra, Chatila and Jnah Areas.

Main roads : Ouzai road from Sultan Ibrahim to BIA junction and the road from Chatila Roundabout to Sport City road.

Phase Phase2 Phase3