The south-western suburb of Beirut encompasses a large community living in sub-standard and illegal conditions. The improvement of both social and physical fabrics of the area necessitated the creation of a public agency responsible for the planning and development of the entire district. This agency was named ELYSSAR administered by seven member's board headed by a President acting also as a General Manager .

ELYSSAR, established as per Decree No 9043 dated 30/08/1996, enjoys an administrative and financial autonomy, and commercial real estate development prerogatives to fulfill its mission under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister.

The Preliminary Master Plan for the area promulgated in June 1995, followed by the Final Master Plan, ratified by Decree No 10231 dated 09/05/1997, specify the following :

  • The zone of intervention (560 hectares of urban and water front properties).
  • The geographic boundaries :
    To the North : Adnan Hakim street to Chatila Round About To the
    West : The Mediterranean Sea To the South : International Beirut Airport Limits
    To the East : International Beirut Airport Road . · The general land use configuration of the area.
  • The zoning plan which delineates the boundaries of planning zones used for development control purposes.
  • The sector plans which incorporate development controls applicable to each zone.
  • The written document of the general and specific regulations applicable to each individual zone.

ELYSSAR has undertaken as of November 1995 all the necessary socio-economic survey, utilities investigations, building and establishment survey, as well as researched all the legal and cadastral requirements, and produced the detailed plans of the area in order to identify the location and type of affordable housing, new workshops and light manufacturing, parks, public facilities and community service centers, and major attractive and tourist centers.