The Revised Master Plan delineates areas allocated for various land uses. The figure shows the areas allocated for:

  • Private residential development, planned residential unit development by Elyssar and community facilities.

  • Open space, sports facilities and cemeteries.

  • Light industrial development and workshops

  • Major areas of mixed commercial and residential development, shopping centers and Markets.

  • Government and institutions

  • Mixed use development

  • Recreational leisure and beach developments

A synopsis of the land areas occupied by each category of land use is given in table 4.1 the total built up areas estimated for each type of land use are given in table 4.2.

As expected, residential development is the predominant use, and is present in most areas except for Sports City and the adjacent shopping center, the Golf Club, major institutional areas, market and workshop areas.

Areas allocated to roads and pedestrian circulation are substantial (25.7% of the total land area) and result from the presence of major expressways and international roads crossing the project area..

The proposed allocation of land uses would have a considerable influence on employment generation. The main centers of employment will be the Sports City shopping complex and Ouzai road commercial areas, the leisure facilities in Jnah, major Government and other institutions in Hay al-Zahra, the workshop areas and community facilities associated with planned residential unit developments.

The elements of the land use framework are amplified in the following sections of this chapter.

Schedule of land Areas Allocated by Type of Use

Land Use Area in ha % of Total Area
1. Private residential Developments by Elyssar 185.1 31.6
2. Planned Residential Developments by Elyssar 61.7 10.7
3. Commercial and residential (city wide) 11.1 1.9
4. Commercial centers / markets 7.6 1.3
5. Major institutional 22.0 3.5
6. Light industrial / workshops 9.6 1.7
7. Mixed use development 27.8 4.7
8. Major Sports facilities 54.9 9.4
9. Local open space / cemeteries 16.5 2.8
10. Beach development 25.0 4.3
11. Maritime domain areas 14.0 2.4
12. Circulation (roads + pedestrian) 150.7 25.7
Total 586.0 100.0