Efficiency and Effectiveness in Implementing the Plan

ELYSSAR operations are kept away from administrative long procedures, it will work in cooperation with possible developers and investors to execute the development projects within minimum periods.

Contracts for works will be negotiated and signed after tenders offered by local and international contractors previously pre-qualified for each project. Pre-qualifications and tenders announcements will be published in local press or international press if necessary. Works will be executed in phases according to the time/financial schedule for the development of the area, and within a global estimated time frame of 14 years. In phase one of the implementation strategy , ELYSSAR , in Cooperation with the Public Corporation for Housing , will start the construction of approximately 2,500 housing units in Maramel and Sabra areas , with a potential expansion of the program to include 900 more units and an commercial center of 343 shops.

To execute the intended program, ELYSSAR has the capacity to draw on a multitude sources of finance namely :
Allowances in the Lebanese Governmental Budget.
Profits from the real estate developments.
Public or private loans and or investments.

ELYSSAR , a pioneer project in Lebanon, is expected to set new precedents of the government will and dedication to promote balanced growth and to provide social equity to all Lebanese citizens. The success of ELYSSAR is also crucial for the future of Beirut. Its redevelopment should provide back to Capital its distinguished character along the waterfront while setting higher standards for quality of living.

The development of south-western suburbs of Beirut will accomplish 3 main objectives:

  • Ensure the economic development of the area through improving the living standard of local residents in the area when relocating them into newly constructed dwellings.
  • Provide possibility for future growth through optimizing land redistribution and allow for a normal and planned growth of urban activities in the future.
  • Complement the planning efforts associated with the rest of the Beirut by creating development opportunities by the sea front along 3 Km of sandy beaches and by upgrading the infrastructure installations and public services around the metropolitan area.

Project priorities*

· Evacuate Areas for Major Arteries Feeding Beirut from South.
· Implement Infrastructure projects all over ELYSSAR.
· Redevelop Beirut South Shore.
· Construct Low Cost Housing Units, shops and workshops.
· Relocate Illegal Settlements